Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It Starts

I created a blog.

The implications of this statement boggle me far more than they probably should. I've never been adverse to blogs, have read my fair share of blogs, and have several friends who have had (at least at one point in their lives) blogs.Yet, regardless of this fact I've similarly seen blogs frowned upon by several of my writing teachers as well as peers. My most recent teacher was so vehemently opposed to blogs that I couldn't help but shirk away from the idea of creating one, lest he track it down on the Internet and fail me instantly (the man was brilliant, but terrified me).

Now, being far from such detrimental influences I find myself free to read as many blogs as I wish; and that's where this one comes in. It was, to be quite honest, a spontaneous decision that I made while sitting around doing absolutely nothing worthwhile on the Internet. That, and I watched Julie & Julia one too many times. I thought hey! I'm an individual with opinions, wit, and a halfway-decent vocabulary who likes to write! Why not make a blog, then? Like many Internet dwellers, if it will give me something to obsess over in hopes of getting at least a single positive comment from a stranger, I'm in.

So I did it, obviously, and that's why we're here. I must admit, however, that it wasn't as easy for me as I had thought it would be. Naming this blog proved to be an unusually frustrating venture, more than likely because I soon came to the realization that I rarely have much to talk about. Opinions, yes, I indeed have many, but I'm not inclined to debate anything radical with my own family, let alone complete strangers. Life experience was a no-go, as well. Hardly an adult and still spinning through a mundane routine of sleep-eat-school-work-eat-sleep, I didn't initially imagine my day-to-day happenings as being enough to substantially fill a blog. That, and I couldn't think of anything that both related to me and simultaneously sounded catchy.

A friend of mine (who for all intents and purposes will be from here on referred to as Noodle), suggested "Frequently Flabbergasted". Not only does it fit me well, but immediately gave me a solution. Maybe I don't have much to talk about in regards to my life in general, but there is one aspect to me, personally, I can't deny: I get into more awkward situations--especially in regards to the opposite gender--than anyone I know. Awkward, embarrassing, funny, shameful, you name it, it's more than likely happened to me very recently (and will also more than likely happen again in the very near future). Moreover, I tend to find myself digging my own grave when faced with these troubles, and am apparently "cute" and "amusing" to watch flounder about like a very red-faced fish out of water (I blush not only visibly, but audibly).

I'm sure all of my entries won't strictly adhere to the same spiel over and over but I've concluded that, for the most part, this space would be reserved for me to talk not about my life as a whole, but those humorously uncomfortable curve balls that I tend to get thrown on my quest to be more socially outgoing (and ultimately find myself a nice boy to introduce to the family). I have a feeling that this will be fun for me, and if you so choose to follow along, I hope you enjoy reading as much as I'm sure I'll enjoy writing (even if the actual experiences that motivate the journal won't be all that fantastic for me to go through).

And so, it begins.

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  1. I pop your comment cherry and welcome you to the ultra-exclusive (only EVERYBODY can join!) world of bloggers. <3